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Sup! My name is Jeremy Syluus-Pesc and I am a sophomore at Middleton High School. I am a student in the Tiger-TV Network who is a screenwriter and a photographer. Hobbies that I love is to run, weight train at home, box, climb, and play video games. After I finish High School and graduate at Middleton High School, I plan to become a orthodontist (a dentist who deals with jaw and teeth correction and puts in braces into clients mouths'.) with my brother who is one year older than me; we plan to have a dentist business together in any major city(New York, Los Angles, San Diego, Miami, Houston, Texas, etc.) that we feel like is best.

Jeremy Syluus-Pesc, Photographer/Screen Writer

Nov 01, 2018
Interview with Ms. Osorio (Story)