Tiger TV Network

2nd Priod Advanced
My names Daniel Aguilar there is not really anything interesting to know about me. I was born in Miami on 01/29/2000. My parents are Cuban and because of that I am used to speaking spanish and eating what they eat. I am in the twelfth grade so I'm just chilling and not really trying to worry about grades and stuff because I'm not trying to get stressed out. Thats another thing about me I'm just chill overall. I love gaming, cars, anime, etc... I also like going out whenever I can and if I dont have plans then I'm usually at home relaxing.  My position in Tiger TV would be photographer and editor.  A hobby I like is working with cars and seeing how everything works I also like doing the same thing with computers. I plan to enter a college with any IT courses so I can get my A+ cert and work with computers as a job. And thats just a bit of information about me.

Daniel Aguilar, Staff writer