Tiger TV Network

2nd period advanced
My name is Conner O'Brien. Im a tenth grade CSIT student. Im a Editor, Website IT and Technical director for Tiger Tv Network. I play video games and I like to experiment with the equipment in the studio. My favorite colors are red and orange. I like pizza rolls. I also love to put together model aircraft specifically from the world war two era and Vietnam war era. I plan to go to college for cyber security. But all my backup plans include working as a camera operator or technician at a tv station. My other plans include working as an electrician or as a carpenter. I was born in Kansas and moved to florida when i was 9. I went to magdalene elementary school, Stewart middle school and now I'm at Middleton.

Conner O'Brien, Editor, Website IT, Technical Director

Nov 01, 2018
interview with Mr.Akinrefon (Story)