Tiger TV Network

2nd Period Advance
I am a junior at Middleton High School, part of the engineering program. This is my third year in the engineering program here at Middleton High. I am a reporter, editor, and camera man for the Tiger TV network. This is my first year in TV Productions yet I was placed in a tech 4 class. Something similar happened with my building construction class. I would have been a tech 3 but was placed in a tech 2 class, and since the rest of my schedule was locked I was stuck in the class. I plan to either go to college for 2 years at HCC, then transfer to Florida Polytechnic for my 4 year degree, or I might go skilled labor as an apprentice and earn money throughout the apprenticeship. This would be easy as I already have my OSHA 30, which means that companies would not have to pay extra money to have me certified, so I am more likely to be hired.

Carson Ham, Reporter, Editor