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2nd Period Advance
I am Betzabe Abreu, 10th grade. My postion at Tiger TV is a writer and script editor. Hobbies I have are listen to music as I am working, play with my two dogs and brothers. Also, when ever I have time I hand make gifts for my family members for holidays or special events. One time I made my mother an origami dolphin for her birthday. A game I play with my brothers is dnd (dungeons and dragons). My older brother is the dungeon master, I play as a half elf warlock and my little brother plays as a high elf rouge. After highschool,  I am mostly going to a community college for a least two years, then I will go to a university college for about for about four or so years. Then,  after college I might look in to doing something in the filming industry. I would mostly be a writer or a studio camera operator.

Betzabe Abreu, Writer and editor

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