Warframe’s “Chimera Update” Goes Live on Consoles

Warframe goes on Red Alert with Chimera update.

Courtesy: Playstationlifestyle.net

Warframe goes on Red Alert with Chimera update.

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Online third-person shooter Warframe has recieved a new mainline update to console versions of the game. Included are a new alert system, revamped login system, and more. In relation to the new alerts, referred to in-game as “Arbitrations,” developer Digital Extremes gave this summary: “After completing the Star Chart, you’ll unlock a new Mission Type called Arbitrations. Survive against Level 60+ enemies to earn new rewards and bigger payouts than normal Alerts. These Alerts rotate between endless Missions around the Star Chart every hour. But there’s a catch — you only get one life. No Revives. You die, and that’s it. These Alerts also add a few other wrinkles to the gameplay, but we’ll let you discover those on your own. In addition to bigger reward payouts, completing these Alerts will also give you Vitus Essence, a Resource used to build new cosmetic items. Seek out the Arbiters in the Relay to learn more.”

Additionally, the login reward system has been updated to scale within game progress, allowing for better rewards the more you play the game.

All of this comes before the game’s next major update “Fortuna,” which is expected to be released on the PC version of the game in early November, with the update coming to console by the end of the year.