Middleton’s Undefeated JV Football Team

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Hillsborough County is known for its incredible football history; but none can compare to the Middleton’s undefeated Junior Varsity Football team, run by Coach John Courtney.

With a record of 6-0, the JV team continues to use hard work and perseverance to prolong it’s winning streak. Coach Courtney describes the team as a family of brothers working together and believing in one another throughout all their games. “All guys are stars,” he says.  “There is no one individual star on our undefeated team this year and I think that was a sign of where that team was heading this year.  They’re all depending on each other and they showed great camaraderie.”

Players with great game stats will be promoted to Middleton’s Varsity Football Team, where greater challenges await them. Other members of the team still at JV status will be given the opportunity to win Varsity positions in the spring.