College Admissions Scandal

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Federal Prosecutors charged 50 people in the “largest college admissions scam ever prosecuted by the Department of Justice” this past Tuesday. Dozens of wealthy parents are being accused of paying millions in bribes to help their children get into prestigious schools nationwide. Among the accused are ringleader William Singer and actors Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, as well as several college sports coaches.

According to prosecutors, parents would pay anywhere from $15,000 to $75,000 for their children to receive higher SAT or ACT scores. No students have been charged in this case, as many of them were unaware of what was going on behind the scenes. In, Lori Loughlin and her husbands case they were accused of paying $500,000 to help their daughters get into the University of Southern California. This money went to passing off their two daughters as rowers and gave them special athletics admission to USC. Lori’s younger daughter, who is a freshmen at college post on youtube that she does not really care about school and two days later apologized. In, Felicity Huffman case contributed $15,000 to KWF to participate in the college entrance exam cheating scheme on behalf of her oldest daughter. It was a controlled testing environment and they arranged for a proctor to secretly correct her answer afterwards. In, William Singer cases he would bribe proctors to correct some of the students answers after the testing was done. Also, he bribed coaches to recruit some students for the school’s sports teams, regardless of the student’s athletic performance. William Singer allegedly used criminal means to get the children of wealthy families into top colleges.