Plane pins 17 yr old to wall

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In Winter Haven FL,  a plane crashes into the home of a 17 year old girl to the wall.  She suffers from minor injures after the plane crashes through the roof of her home.  It was a Saturday just before one p.m, on board the plane was the pilot James Wagner of Lakeland, who is 64 years and unfortunately died in the crash. His trainee Timothy Sheehy of Montana, who is 33 years old only suffered from minor injuries. At the time it was unclear who was flying the plane. The two men were flying to simulate an engine failure training. Soon after the aircraft lefted the airport the plane lost power. The teenage girl’s brother tried to free her but was not able to. After a while firefighters came and freed her. Her mother and three children were playing in the driveway and were not injured. The aircraft was stuck in the house until Sunday afternoon.