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Happy Valentines Day Tigers! Today is a day of love and joy.  Below is a little history about the day.

St. Valentine has his own day but why? St. Valentine was a Priest in 3rd century of Rome. The emperor believed that single men were better in war compared to those who had wives and children and because of this the Emperor made marriage for young men illegal. Valentine saw how this was wrong and defied the Emperor by preforming marriages in secret. The Emperor found out and had valentine put to death but the noble act in the name of love is still celebrated to this day.

February has been a day of love and affection for a long time but where did the holiday begin? It began with the pagan and a fertility festival called lupercalia that took place on February 15th until Christians shut it down for being “un-Christian.” Pope Gelasius declared St. Valentines Day to be on February 14th but it only became romantic in France and England because it was mating season for birds.

Valentines is a day for everyone not just those with a significant others. Back in the 1800s people started celebrating by giving people they cared about little tokens of affection like a hand written letter or a sweet treat.  It wasnt until the 1900s that printed cards became available for this holiday. If you are single you can celebrate with family or single friends or even treat yourself to a box of chocolates. This day is all about love whether it’s towards someone else or yourself; spread a little love today and enjoy your Valentine’s Day in the Land of the Tigers.