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Alabama faced a devastating upset Monday night as Clemson took home the trophy making this the second time Clemson has beaten Alabama in the Championship Bowl.

Head coach Nick Sabon and his Crimson Tide faced a powerful force of the Clemson Tigers January 7th and just couldn’t take it. Tensions were especially high when Alabama threw an interception to cornerback Trayvon Mullen for a 46 yard return to set up Clemson for a touchdown in the second quarter. Clemson’s offense and defense were on fire the whole game only allowing Alabama to score 16 points while Clemson scored a whopping 44 points.

This is the third time in the History of Clemson fooltball that they have won the National Championship; the only other times were in 1981 and 2016. Image result for clemson vs alabama highlights 2019

New National Champs Clemson Tiger Head Coach Dabo Swinney holding up the trophy.

Image result for nick saban at the national championship 2019

In the true face of sportsmanship, Nick Saban and Dabo Swinney shake hands after what is known by many as a Slaughter.