Middleton’s Graduation Rates; Why the Discrepancy?

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Middleton’s graduation rates have been on a steady increase for the past few years, with a 29.6% increase over the past five years from a 57.3% to an 86.9%. This means that we have the highest increase in graduation rate out of all the high schools in Hillsborough county. We are also slightly above the District average graduation rate of 85.8%, and well above the average increase of 12.3% over 5 years. So why are we still so far below some of the other schools such as Tampa Bay Tech with a 99.1% graduation rate or Plant with 96.3%?

Well, it could be because of our focus. Middleton is widely known for certifying so many students. With so many opportunities to receive these certifications in fields from Barbering to Building Construction, many of our students end up graduating with at least one certification. These certifications can end up being very useful for students after they graduate, whether just having given them the skills that they learned in order to receive the certification, or possibly even helping get into a better college, or getting students hired to work straight out of high school. Overall, it looks like we are on a path to reaching a 90% graduation rate by next year.

It is hoped students will continue to work hard and improve grades to help increase our percentage even more!