“Camp Fire” Decimates Paradise, California



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One of the deadliest fires in California’s history continues to burn.

The “Camp Fire” raged through the town of Paradise, California beginning on November 8th and continues to burn East of the city of Chico. This was the deadliest fire in California’s modern history, with a death toll of 42 people and counting, with 200 people still missing in and around Paradise. This was also the most destructive fire in California’s history destroying at least 7,100 structures, 6,453 of which being people’s homes. The Camp Fire burned about 117,000 acres of land already and is currently only around 30 percent contained. President Trump declared the fire to be a major disaster on Monday evening, which makes the victims of the fire eligible to receive federal government support. Residents of Paradise are having concerns over whether or not Paradise will be able to rebuild itself. James Hana, a resident of Paradise since 2002, stated, “It had no real economy.” Many of the residents of Paradise were elderly or retired, with 25 percent of the population over age 65 and 14 percent of the population below the poverty line.

Two other fires are also burning in California; the Woosley Fire and the Hill Fire. The Woosley Fire has destroyed 435 structures west of Los Angeles, with 57,000 structures under threat. Two deaths have been confirmed in this disaster that burned 90,000 acres of land in Malibu and Thousand Oaks, and it is only around 30 percent contained. The smaller of the two, the Hill Fire, has burned around 4,500 acres in Ventura County and is 85 percent contained. Weather conditions are forecast to become critical fire weather conditions through this afternoon, with low humidity, no rain, and high winds which could worsen the current situation.

These fires have taken the homes of various celebrities such as Miley Ray Cyrus and Gerard Butler, who have taken to Twitter to make the impact of these fires known and have posted asking people to support the firefighters and various organizations that help the victims of these disasters.