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Alabama, Notre Dame, and Clemson lead this year Undefeated!

The three teams are in a tie that you wouldn’t believe. The fan favorite is the Crimson Tide. Alabama is first in the nation with both Clemson and Notre Dame, all power house teams by the way. The race is on to see who will remain undefeated this year and who will lose that title. One shall rise…Two shall fall!!!

Alabama will face The Citadel Bulldogs this Saturday.  Let’s see who will emerge victorious.   Clemson will face off against Duke University to try and keep their undefeated streak alive. Last but not least, we have Notre Dame, a team no one thought would be here but climbed its way through the ranks.  The team will battle Syracuse in a no holds bar match to keep the number three spot.

This weekend is sure to be packed with moments of either joy or sorrow as our big three fight to hold the top spots. Who will win? Time will tell.