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Race to the Finish

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Race to the Finish

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Teenage first time voters have mobilized tens of thousands of their peers, crisscrossing the country to register teen voters in hopes of impacting the outcome of today’s Mid-term elections.  Many of them are survivors of the February 14 massacre at Parkland’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Tens of millions of people have already cast ballots during the days of early voting.  The student activists reportedly set their sights on the four million U.S. citizens turning 18 this year.  According to NECN.com, the group is “hoping to counteract voter apathy among young people during midterm elections.”  Many of the teens even postponed college plans to mobilize young voters, in support of gun reform in the name of their fallen classmates.

Today’s election outcome is one of the most anticipated in years.  Students at Middleton High took part in a Mock Debate highlighting Florida’s heavily  contested Gubernatorial and Senate races.  Jason Morgan portrayed Mayor Andrew Gillum, while Andrew Valentin served as Ron DeSantis.  Meanwhile, during the Senate Mock Debate, Riccelo Guidorizzi portrayed Senator Bill Nelson and Michael Jones played the part of Governor Rick Scott.  Jaylin Cole served as moderator for both debates.

Click here to watch the Mock Debate.


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