Bright Students, Bright Teacher

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Earl Cole had a dream to solve some of the worlds worst medical problems.  This desire of his drove him to excell in his academics and work hard for the multiple colleges he would attend.

Growing up in Birmingham, England academics came before anything for Cole, and everything including the different sports through his younger years such as soccer, track, lacrosse… etc. A contributing fator to this was the fact of it being a different time and different country in and of itself, meaning life was not the American way… yet. He would leave the UK to attend Oakwood University, in Alabama, for his bachelors. Then proceeding to acquire his Masters at Wayne State, then the University of Detroit for his second Masters.  These educational experiences ignited a passion for Science within him. It also gave him a drive for Science projects.  Some worked well, some not so much.   “It exploded and made a big black mark on the ceiling,” says Mr. Cole in regards to the amazing and ridiculous experiments he would test in his favorite techers class, Mr. Neil. In Mr. Neil’s class they made things that would be called to dangerous for these days such as stink bombs and chlorine. Cole once looked toward medical school, but then money was tight and he was in a position where the world’s problems would have to stay as problems.

One day he plans on retiring, but that doesnt mean he’s done with the daily hussles of life. This is Cole, a Chemistry teacher.  Who knows what the future holds with his determination?  Anything’s possible.