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Akinrefon, CSIT and Middleton High

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Middleton High School’s Computer Systems Information Technology is in good hands with Tayo Akinrefon as the teacher.

Akenrefon has long had a passion for technology and computer systems.  He earned a Bachelors Degree Management Information Systems at Nova Southeastern and has is a master in everything computers as it is what he grew up around.  “I was the guy taking any IT tech class you could find,” Akinrefon says.  Not only is he a good CSIT teacher, he also teaches web design where students learn how to build and construct a website.

His message for what he expects his students to learn, not only education wise but also life wise, is clear, “Being focused, disciplined, and preserverence. Also trying new activites is important. If you stay in your box the whole time, how can you progress?”

If you want to take CSIT foundations, Middleton is the place to go as long as Akinrefon is in charge.

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