Hurricane Michael Hits Again!

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“Battered Mental Health”

Hurricane Michael was awaken and ready to hit, This terrible disaster hits Panama City and Amy Cross was one of the victims. Ms.Cross says “I just know i don’t feel real and home doesn’t feel like home at all,” Cross said that’s a horrible tragic she is mental unstable health workers are seeing signs of mental problems. Tony Averbuch leads a disaster medical assistance team cause of Hurricane Michael has over 80-100 patients daily in tents in parking lots. These victims are stress at the prospect of a years long recovery, the citizens that lived Panama City and went through this disaster are going to be scarred for life. The government are getting to the treatment site that are involving navigating streets with roadblocks and fallen utility line and hospital building. On October 16 a resident walks past the shattered window of a room at a damaged motel in Panama City on October 16, Some people who lost homes to Hurricane Michael have no where to go.