Was Big Bird Real?

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Research suggests that giant flightless birds walked the grounds of Madagascar before going extinct between 500 and 1,000 years ago. Remember Big Bird from Sesame Street. Well for reference he was 8 feet 2 inches. These birds are believed to have stood 10 feet tall and similar to ostriches  or emus but much larger.

Not only were these birds huge but they were blind and nocturnal. According to Christopher Torres Ph.D candidate at the university of Texas, “[The birds] that live in forests seem to rely on a well-developed sense of smell to help them forage in conditions where visual cues might be obstructed”.

This amazing creature had no known predators and was able to coexist with humans for some time. In the Ciemna Cave in Poland there are two small bones, the oldest bones found in Poland, and based off of the condition of the bones its believed that the bones belonged to a child who was eaten by a large bird.

The Name of these large and astonishing birds?  Elephant Birds.