Metrics, Meters and Measurements

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Daniel Rice the teacher who likes crunch bars, vibrate orange, watching movies and playing DnD.

Rice is a math teacher here at Middleton.  He says his favorite color is orange because it is vibrate and so energetic, it brings him joy.  Also, he may not like to admit it but he loves chocolate crunch bars.  Dnd stands for Dungeons and dragons. Dnd is a collaborative storytelling board game that uses dice to figure out problistic outcomes. If you want to join the dnd club come to room 233 on Tuesday and Wednesday after school. “I like the idea that you can be someone else and you get to know more about the people you are playing with, it is like a social outlet for me when I play dnd,” said Mr. Rice. He plays as the dungeon master most of the time, also as one of the players and he is the sponsor for the dnd club.

One of the classes he teaches is A. P. Statistics and they do fun activities. So far they have done golfing and pumpkin cutting. For golfing what they did was use a pool noddle and a putter to see which one would be better for put-put. For, the pumpkin lab they ripped apart the pumpkin to measure 20 metrics to see what correlations they could find.

Rice has his Masters in Education and a Bachelor in Mathematics. He has been teaching for nine years so far. He has taught in Maryland and also in Virginia for some amount of time.